Thomas Humphrey

An Ocean Runs Through It; Vineyarders Flock to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing won’t usually land a fisherman at the top of the all-tackle leaderboard in the derby, but it is a category all its own for beauty and bragging rights.

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Howes House Committee Talks Regional Funding

A regional funding agreement to renovate the Howes House was the focus of a joint meeting with representatives from the three up-Island towns.

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A Love Story With a Magical Melody

In the summer of 1952, a young romantic named Phil Dietterich set out on a journey to impress a girl, the future Mrs. Jane Dietterich.

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Following the Flow With the Edgartown Water Supervisor

Bill Chapman, Edgartown water supervisor, is always sprinting to stay ahead of the pipes.

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Hiking 2.0: Try the New and Improved Trails MV App

The TrailsMV app had its genesis on a rambling up-Island hike.

“The idea started on a walk with Alan Rappaport, chair-elect of our board of directors,” said Adam Moore, president of the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. “We got a bit lost in the woods off King’s Highway in Chilmark while trying to find a Sheriff’s Meadow property.”

While backtracking onto their route, the pair got to talking about how to make Island trails more accessible. Eventually Alan exclaimed: “If only there was an app for that!” The idea for TrailsMV was born.

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The Hunt is Half the Fun

Decorating with second-hand objects and art is a clever way to infuse 
your home with Vineyard character. But first you’ll have to go hunting.

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What’s All The Hoopla About Hoop Houses?

A low-tech alternative to an expensive green house, 
a hoop house can add months to your growing season – and boost your summer bounty.

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For Small Businesses, Staying Afloat Is Harder than Ever

Small business owners offered many variations on a single theme: it is hard to build a business in a seasonal economy where expenses are rising and labor supply dwindling, even when demand is as strong as ever.

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West Tisbury Looks To Repair Affordable Housing Dust-Up

The West Tisbury select board intervened this week to try and get a town-sponsored affordable housing project at 401 State Road back on track.

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Bass in the Grass Weighs In on Derby Fish Art

While Derby fishermen weighed in their catches at the Edgartown weigh station this week, 33 colorful fish arrived by land for the fifth annual Bass in the Grass fundraiser.

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