Early Reports on Tashmoo Oil Spill Say Environmental Damage Will Be Minimal

A diesel fuel spill from a sunken boat in Lake Tashmoo was contained early this week with what is believed to be minimal environmental damage. Shellfish beds remain closed.

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Sunken Boat Removed from Tashmoo; Officials Say Damage Minimal from Diesel Spill

A 30-foot sport fishing boat that sank overnight Monday in Lake Tashmoo was removed from the pond Tuesday as officials assessed the damage from the boat's diesel fuel spilling into the water.

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New Minister at Unitarian Universalist Society Preaches Inclusivity

When he leads a service, Reverend Bill Clark, 61, wears a starched white hat and a rainbow-colored stole. He walks up and down the aisle during the hymns with broad strides, his chin tilted upwards, his voice easily filling the cozy wooden church.

“Whatever you are going through in this life, my friends, you are not going through alone,” he told his new congregants, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Society in Vineyard Haven, at a recent Sunday morning service.

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