Mary Breslauer

Two Decades Ago Massachusetts Led the Way

Twenty years ago on May 17, joyous Massachusetts gay and lesbian couples began marrying shortly after midnight.

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For Carly Simon, Hometown Crowd Feels Just Fine

Something happened to Carly Simon the moment she stepped onstage at the Chilmark concert. The performance she worried so about was riveting; the crowds she expected to be rowdy welcomed her warmly.

Backstage, she had mingled among the carefully screened (and tagged) collection of people, accepting hugs of encouragement, words of support.

“There was so much paranoia before the event, about what might happen, what it might turn into that I was really quite scared,” she recalled some days later.

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Nothing But Net at Maura Healey Inauguration

It was impossible to not be moved by what took place on the floor of the Boston Garden last week.

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