Holly St. John Bergon

The Road Ahead

I’m out for a walk along the bluffs overlooking Vineyard Sound / To shake off the grip of premonition, of ominous threat.

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George Blackwell's Roses

One winter I rented a house, high on a hill in Chilmark, overlooking the Atlantic. The sun came and went. The ocean changed from grey to green to blue, white caps here and there, now and then.

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After a Storm

Down in the lower woodlot, the woodcutter / whirls his chainsaw through the wreckage of of fallen logs scattered like pick-up sticks.

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Summer's End

The low profile of the mainland / Across Vineyard Sound / Swims into focus.

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A Vineyard Perspective

“The Ukraine crisis is something we don’t want to see.”

—Xi Jinping

A slant of light on a winter afternoon
Illumines a two-foot pine sapling
I forgot I planted at the lawn’s edge.
In my mind’s eye: I accept from
Someone’s hands the tiny tree,
Roots swaddled in a plastic bag.
I transport it from somewhere
And plant it at home on the Vineyard,
Heaping soil around the base, then
Forgetting about it until a ray of light
Points to a tree tall enough for me to see
From the windows of my study.

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November at deBettencourt's Service Station

In a long row of pots along the side of the station / Blooms the garden of the garage’s mechanic.

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Bike Riding With Sylvia Plath

She would have remembered today’s blue sky / from summers at the Vineyard Sailing Camp / where she learned about tacking and heeling / and coming about on the calm or choppy / waters of the Lagoon.

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I wrote about hawks once before when they were nesting and feeding their fledglings.

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