Gerry Yukevich

Into Siberia: George Kennan's Epic Journey through the Brutal, Frozen Heart of Russia

Martha's Vineyard is famous for eerie coincidences, some touching luminaries who live here.

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Laughter Is Still the Best Medicine

In the 1980s I worked at several Boston area hospitals.

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When Captain Video Calls, You Will Answer

In 1950, six million homes in America had television sets. That included our family, living in a smoky steel town on the Ohio River.

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Standing Ovation for the Saint of Long Hill

Sunday afternoons in the summer were for jazz. That’s what the boss wanted, and that’s what she served up.

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Of Mice and Men, and Ticks and Snakes (with apologies to Ovid)

The white-footed mouse is a pure and innocent beast, Till an infectious deer tick nymph clamps its jaws on for a feast.

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Visitors Puts Hope at Center Stage

Mr. Norris’s play Visitors, now appearing at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse, explores the frailties and blessedness of four characters struggling with changes.

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Reigniting the Creative Dream

Jon Lipsky’s inspiring and unique career as a playwright, director, acting professor and dream researcher ended in March 2011, when he died at his West Tisbury home after a long illness. But now a handsome compendium of eight of his best plays has been published, and Mr. Lipsky’s robustly imaginative personality jumps up from these pages like a frisky friend who returns to announce, “See that! Did you really think I was gone?”
The two-volume set (almost 800 pages) has been meticulously edited by Bill Barclay and Jonah Lipsky, Jon’s son.

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Cold War Play Can Still Bring the Heat

On a lucky-for-me Saturday in New York city in 1988 I scored twice at the Times Square same-day, cheap ticket booth — single (back row) tickets to two big hits: Sondheim’s Into the Woods (Bernadette Peters) and Lee Blessing’s A Walk in the Woods (Sam Waterston and Robert Prosky).

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Rooting for Bad Guys in Bandstand

In Bandstand, his exciting new caper novel, Jib Ellis dances nimbly through a millennium of Viking, Knights Templar and pirate buried treasure lore to weave a gold-threaded contemporary tapestry of beguiling wit and vision.

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Playing With Dreams: New Book On Acting from the Inside Out

Explore Your Dreams by Acting them Out. By John Lipsky. Larson Publications, 208 pages. Softcover, $16.95.

DREAMING TOGETHER: Explore Your Dreams by Acting them Out. By John Lipsky. Larson Publications, 208 pages. Softcover, $16.95.

Prize-winning playwright, director, and professor of drama at Boston University, Jon Lipsky has been pioneering for decades in the field of dream theater. Now he has written an important and delicious new book, Dreaming Together, which sheds abundant light on what happens inside us at night when our eyes are shut.

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