David Stanwood


Clear Skies at Night, an Islander’s Delight

Years ago we had a fifth grade exchange student from Manchester, England staying with us.

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A Canoe Is No Place for a Fawn

My neighbor up Lambert’s Cove Road texted me the other afternoon: “I need your help!”

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Keeping in Tune Across the Pond

I was recently invited to give a lecture for the Piano Tuners Association of the UK at their centennial meeting to be held in Bournemouth, England. It turns out that Bournemouth is very close to the place were my ancient ancestor and direct descendant, Phillip Stanwood, is believed to have come from when he sailed to New England in the year 1652. I accepted the teaching invitation and knew that I would finally be able to visit and explore the place of my English roots. Would I find a feeling of resonance and connection?

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