Aliyah Walker

Airport Takes Steps to Manage Traffic Congestion

With a busy summer of air traffic at its peak, the Martha’s Vineyard Airport is taking steps to better manage congestion on surrounding roadways, airport director Geoffrey Freeman said this week.

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Taking a Tour in the Slow Lane

Schlepping Around Martha’s Vineyard is a self-guided driving tour that allows individuals to explore on their own and learn more about the history of the Island.

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Agricultural Fair Beckons One and All

Poultry judging, the dog show, horse pull, skillet toss, knitting competitions and carnival rides will all return next week when the 159th Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair gets under way.

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Book Festival Keeps the Stories Going

For four days in two locations, 22 of the country’s leading authors and thinkers gathered for the biennial Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival.

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Dancing to the Magical Beat of Joy

Built on Stilts is turning 25 years old this summer.

“I’m just ecstatic that we’re able to do it again,” said Abby Bender, co-creator of the festival that settles into Union Chapel each year, turning it into an Island-wide dance hall.

Last summer the show still did go on, but only as a flash mob dance performance rather than multiple nights of performances.

“I didn’t want to let it lapse because I’m a firm believer that if you let things go then traditions can die out,” Ms. Bender said of going ahead with the abbreviated program last year.

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To Be Pun-Tastic Is a Way of Life

Earlier this summer Walter Robinson thought of an activity for his 10-year old son, Merwan, to help lighten the mood.

“We started making puns and collecting them,” Mr. Robinson said. “So we collected about 113. And then I said, well, as a summer arts project I have an idea. Let’s create a book, we’ll collect the best 50.”

The book is called Martha’s Vineyard Puns to Bring a Smile and it is available at various outlets this summer.

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Creative Cast Helps Bring Shakespeare to the Masses

Shakespeare for the Masses is typically an off-season, indoor production. This summer, however, the troupe of intrepid actors and Shakespeare experts have taken their show outside and on the road.

In collaboration with the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse, the show is performed at the Tisbury Amphitheatre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It also pops up at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, Featherstone Center for the Arts and the Vineyard Drive-In.

But despite the venue shifts, the core message from 13 seasons remains the same: “Quick & Painless & Free!”

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Revealing the Ugly Truth of Social Media Required Old School Journalism

Cecilia Kang is a reporter for the New York Times, covering the technology field where short and informative sentences are often the norm. Co-writing An Ugly Truth gave the author the opportunity to explore a different kind of writing, one that she missed.

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Finding Depth in Writing About an Unfamiliar Subject

Sadeqa Johnson has always written stories about subjects she knows well, but the story of Yellow Wife called to her on a different level — one she was not familiar with.

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Fashion, Activism Join Forces to Raise Money for Family Planning

Stina Sayre’s Freedom Collection fashion show last week was a benefit for Friends of Family Planning.

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