On the 2d of the present month occurred the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Capt. and Mrs. William A. Martin, well-known residents of Chappaquiddick. Mrs. Martin was before her marriage Sarah G. Brown, daughter of Abram Brown, and as Sarah Martin has been long and favorably known to our townspeople and also to many of our summer residents.

Capt. Martin has been a paralytic for the past seven years, and is now practically helpless, and for this reason no special celebration of the fiftieth wedding anniversary was made at the time.


The following named Vineyarders are officers of the whaling fleet for the season of 1901 sailing out of San Francisco:

Steamer Narwhal - Alonzo M. Ripley, second mate.

Steamer Balaena - Ward P. Vineen, first mate.

Steamer Beluga - H. H. Bodfish, master; Andrew W. Look, first mate; Thomas G. Fisher, fourth mate.

Bark Gay Head - Charles W. Fisher, master; Tisdale S. Pease, first mate; Abram L. Joab, fourth mate.

Steamer Alexandr - B. T. Tilton, master.