Jack Ryan lives in Oak Bluffs and works at the West Tisbury post office. Each morning he takes the Vineyard Transit Authority bus to work.

“Normally there are some teachers and students and people who work at Cronig’s on the bus with me,” he said. “But now I’m the only one.”

Mr. Ryan was worked at the West Tisbury post office for five years, and the Vineyard Haven post office for two years before that. The postal service is one of the few businesses running regular hours and in close contact with the public. Mr. Ryan said there are protocols in place.


Forced out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, John Hirt and his wife sought refuge with family on Martha's Vineyard. Ten years later, Mr. Hirt, the new West Tisbury postmaster, is still calling the Vineyard home.

A small framed list on the wall of the West Tisbury post office lists the names of each of the town’s postmasters. Soon a new name will be added to the lineup — postmaster Paula Sullivan has retired, capping a postal service career of nearly 30 years.


When Dave Medeiros started working at the West Tisbury post office three years ago, some things were bound to change.


Official notification of their respective appointments as postmaster of Chilmark and West Tisbury have been received by Carl M. Whitkop and Charles A. Turner. Mr. Whitkop’s appointment for Chilmark was dated March 11, while Mr. Turner’s was dated March 19.


On Sunday night the Postoffice building at West Tisbury was burned to the ground. The fire was caused by an overheated chimney in an ell of the main building, Mr. James P. West and family occupying this tenement. Mrs. P. L. Cleveland occupied another part of the building, while the postoffice was on the lower floor. All the government property of the value was saved. Mrs. Cleveland wishes to thank all the kind neighbors and friends who so bravely assisted her at the time of the fire, and she assures them their efforts are greatly appreciated.