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The Vineyard Gazette installed on Saturday a new Intertype machine—a typesetting machine embodying a great many recent improvements—and this addition to the plant was put into operation for the fir
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Noah Asimow
The Vineyard Gazette celebrates its 175th anniversary Friday at a time of extraordinary change for community newspapers across America.
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Bill Eville
Tomorrow’s History: 175 Years of the Vineyard Gazette opens at the Martha's Vineyard Museum this weekend. It tells the continuing story of a community newspaper that began in 1846.
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Martha's Vineyard Museum


The Vineyard Gazette earned 23 awards at the New England Better Newspaper Competition held in Waltham over the weekend, including eight first place finishes for its website, photography, columns and illustration.

The Vineyard Gazette Media Group will host a reception and open house on Friday, April 12, from 4 to 6 p.m. to honor retiring publisher Jane Seagrave and welcome new publisher Monica Brady-Myerov.

Mary Jo (Jody) Reston, former co-owner and publisher of the Vineyard Gazette, died in Sarasota, Fla on Monday, Feb. 12 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. She was 86.

Monica Brady-Myerov, a journalist and digital entrepreneur, will take the reins of the media group effective March 11, succeeding Jane Seagrave, who is retiring after more than a dozen years with the publishing company.


James Reston Jr., journalist, author and former co-owner of the Vineyard Gazette died of pancreatic cancer on Wednesday, July 19 at his home in Chevy Chase. Md. He was 82.

Bill Eville, writer, mentor and creator of the Vineyard Gazette’s weekly newsletter The Notebook, has been named editor of the Gazette. Ethan Genter is news editor.