The Great White Way

The Great White Way, on Oak Bluffs avenue between Sea View and Lake avenues, was the heart of the summer resort’s entertainment area. Its evolution can be traced in a group of postcards from the first quarter of the 20th century.


The work of demolishing the Tivoli building on the Oak Bluffs waterfront began on Saturday, and barring adverse weather conditions, the job should be nearly done this weekend.
White Brothers Inc., Edgartown, are the contractors razing the building and clearing the lot for the town. The property was purchased some months ago by the town as the site for a new town building, containing offices, an assembly room and quarters for some fire apparatus on the ground floor.


The Creative Arts Committee of Oak Bluffs is now featuring a well rounded cultural and social program for all school-age children in the Tivoli Building.

Through the help of specialists vacationing on Island, the following program is available for young members:

Swimming lessons twice a week under the able tutorship of Mrs. Madelon Stent, educational instructor at Columbia University; Mrs. Connie Koefoed, New York city Board of Education instructor; and Bill Julian, well known sportsman from New York.