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If you want to find John Custer this summer, head to the ocean.
Tisbury School
John Custer


It’s been a long road for Moana Jr., the Tisbury School play opening this weekend at the Performing Arts Center.


As 2023 began, the Tisbury School was a shell of century-old bricks and mortar, stripped of its fixtures and ankle-deep in rubble. This month, workers installed the final steel beam for a two-story gym and cafeteria addition.

It’s not every day uniformed members of the U.S. Coast Guard play volleyball with first-graders or shred string cheese with kindergartners at snack break. At the Tisbury School, however, things like this are happening every Thursday.

Demolition inside the Tisbury School has cleared away nearly a century’s worth of accumulated renovations, revealing the original interior of a town landmark built during the depths of the Great Depression.

The Tisbury select board welcomed a new police officer, hired its former building commissioner as a part-time zoning inspector and approved a nearly $900,000 insurance bill for the town school last week.


A symbolic ground-breaking at the Tisbury School Saturday morning marked a new chapter for the town school, which graduated its first class of eighth-graders more than 90 years ago.