Cuttyhunk now has the latest in telephone equipment. Islanders may even be listed in the directory next year, but at least one of its telephone problems isn’t yet solved. Getting ahold of town government takes a little luck and a lot of time.
A year ago, if a resident here wanted to call out, he had only to walk to the nearest of the seven pay stations, and, if that one of the two Island circuits wasn’t busy, crank the ringer handle to tell the operator in New Bedford he wanted to make a call.


The Up-Island towns of Chilmark and Gay Head are now on the dial telephone system, dating from yesterday morning at 7, when the switchers were thrown and the other necessary equipment was put into service at the Chilmark central station. Present at this semi-formal ceremony were Harold R. Morris, local superintendent, telephone company officials from the mainland and a few guests who had risen early in order to witness the procedure.


The new telephone building at Vineyard Haven, which is now nearing completion so far as the exterior is concerned, marks the passing of an epoch in the Island history of the telephone and the beginning of a new one.

With the completion of this building and the transfer of the offices and plant of the company to its new quarters, the common battery system will be put into operation in the towns of Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, and all connections between the Vineyard Haven office and Boston will be by cable.


Telephone communication is now complete from Oak Bluffs via this village to Katama. The first message received at the office here was from an exasperated operator at the Bluffs who wanted to know, “Where in thunder are the Katama folks?”



The submarine cable which is henceforth to connect us with the world, was safely and expeditiously put down on Wednesday forenoon last, between the hours of ten and twelve. It arrived at Holmes’ Hole on Tuesday. Before the cable had reached the Vineyard shore, and when mid way the Sound, communication was had with Boston. Communication was also had with the same place after the cable reached this side, thus proving it to be all right. While the cable was being laid quite a lively scene was presented off the West Chop, where numberless boats were passing to and fro.