Vineyard Gazette
The well-kept secret of the Army's experimental base at Katama during the fall and early winter of 1943 is disclosed at last, in this issue of the Gazette. Ten miles of heavy pipe were delivered, with other equipment, beginning in August, and during the following months five one-mile lengths of pipe were laid in the ocean with the aid of tugs, and welded together into an experimental pipeline under conditions similar to those which would be encountered in laying a gasoline supply line under the English Channel.
World War Two
South Beach


The paths have moved, the dunes are flatter and there isn’t as much sand as there once was. But the south shore has come a long way since three destructive storms hit the Island this winter, and managers say they are ready for summer crowds.

After being closed for months due to winter storm damage, Atlantic Drive, which runs parallel to South Beach, is open to traffic again.

Efforts to ease the Island’s housing crunch, funding for repairs to South Beach and potential borrowing to shore up aging septic pipes will all be put before Edgartown voters at town meeting next week.

The Donnelly house on South Beach, the last of several old fishing shacks, was demolished Thursday, another victim of the ceaseless march of the sea.

The road along South Beach initially closed in December, when a sinkhole opened up during the first of a trio of storms. A culvert in the area failed during a second storm, causing even further damage. 

Edgartown officials recently met with the state and federal government to survey the damage at South Beach and Norton Point. Though emergency aid is in limbo, work has already begun.