Massachusetts Environmental Police are investigating after the remnants of a vessel washed ashore this week that was believed to have broken loose from a mooring in Hyannis harbor.


There is a good reason the Martha’s Vineyard Museum has far more shipwreck artifacts than it can display in its new exhibit Shipwrecks! Stories from Beneath the Sea. It’s because we have a lot of shipwrecks around here.


The history of salvage operations around the Vineyard goes back to well-nigh the beginning of the Island’s history.

A manned submersible and crew, midway through an expedition surveying the famous shipwreck Andrea Doria south of Nantucket, paid a visit to Menemsha Monday.

Petrified wooden timbers and bent iron fastenings of a large sailing ship suddenly jutted out of the sands of East Beach on Chappaquiddick two weeks ago. So which unfortunate old schooner was she?


The storm that slammed the Island in early November cancelled ferry trips and eroded beaches on Chappaquiddick. It also unearthed a mystery.

Pieces of what appears to be a 19th-century shipwreck were exposed on East Beach at Cape Pogue.