COTTAGE CITY, Sept. 26, 1892.
At 11.45 on Saturday night, watchman Lewis rung in the alarm from box 41, at the Arcade, and people jumped from their beds and rushes to the windows and saw, with dismay, the eastern sky brilliantly illuminated, directly over the Sea View House. Cries of “Fire!” “Fire!” “The Sea View House!” “The Sea View House!!” rent the stillness of the night, the light in the heavens contrasting vividly with the darkness, the sky being overcast with heavy clouds, from which at times the rain descended, as if weeping in sorrow over the awful catastrophe.


President Grant and his wife had a reception at the Sea View House on Saturday evening last, which was a most fitting close to the festivities on the Vineyard. The supper was of the choicest kind. The beauty and wealth of the Bluffs were out in full force and dancing was indulged in until 12 o’clock. The time consumed in the reception was an hour, during which one thousand persons shook hands with President. The dining hall in which the reception took place, always pleasant, presented an exceedingly fine appearance.