The little white house behind shrubs at the corner of Cooke street and Tilton Way that, for more than three decades, has been a home away from home for household help in Edgartown, no longer will be welcoming the lonely next summer.


Twelve years ago a group of men and women, domestic employees, who came to Edgartown, formed a club to provide a means of social contact which was otherwise lacking,. and to make possible pleasant use of leisure time. Fer the past five years the membership has been sixty-five. The idea of the club came from Louise Hayer of EngLwood, N. J. and has been improved upon by Edna and James Smith.


Many of the employers who have been interested in the progress of the Open Door Club in Edgartown, which provides a pleasant place as a recreational center for their employees, were given a tea on Thursday by the members of the club. The affair was a great success.