The Victura: The Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea, chronicles the Kennedy family's deep connection to a sailboat and sailing.


Although old hat in many localities, the political fund raising event for local office is a rarity on the Island, and nearly two hundred people attended the one held by Foster L. Silva on Labor Day at Chappaquiddick Beach Club.
The buffet dinner was held “in honor of the President of the United States” and to raise money for Mr. Silva’s campaign to seek the Democratic nomination for the county’s Representative in the General Court.
He is scheduled to Visit the Cape This Weekend
The possibility of President Kennedy’s attending the dinner being given in his honor at the Chappaquiddick Beach Club Labor Day was still left open last night.


For a few minutes on Sunday afternoon, the Vineyard seemed supremely apathetic to a visit by the President of the United States. But that was because his arrival was unheralded, and when word got out that the cabin cruiser which had tied up at Edgartown carried a boatload of Kennedys - starring Caroline toward the bow - pandemonium broke loose around the harbor.


President Kennedy Slept in Room L at Ocean View, and This Is How It Happened, Rep. Sylvia Recalls.
The Visit of young Jack Kennedy to Martha’s Vineyard as a young yachtsman in the summer of 1941 hasn’t been forgotten. The adventures of the future President and his brother began before they reached the scene of the regatta at Edgartown.
“I never dreamed that boy would be President,” Mrs. Norah Fuller said on Saturday. And probably he didn’t either. She was recalling the time when “President Kennedy slept here” in her Main street, Edgartown, home.