Penelope Wilson
The shock waves of last week’s storm are still rippling through Island fields as farmers anxiously watch their crops to see the extent of the damage.
Hurricanes and Storms
Hurricane Bob
Rachel Orr
Usually the brush is so think this time of year one can hardly bushwhack from the shore to the remnants of the Menemsha Hills brickworks.
Hurricanes and Storms
Hurricane Bob
Beach grass


The terrific north-easterly storm which swept the eastern Massachusetts coast on Tuesday was felt with unusual severity on the Vineyard. The wind for an hour or two, from three to five o’clock in the afternoon, blowing with hurricane force and leaving various forms of wreckage in its wake.


The southerly gale of this morning developed between seven and eight o’clock at almost the proportions of a hurricane.
Fortunately for the harbor front the tide was not high, else much damage to piers, etc., might have resulted.
No damage of moment has been reported. Limbs of trees broken off, lights of glass blown in, and several boats broke adrift from their moorings, but were secured without sustaining damage.


Saturday night and most of Sunday the fiercest storm in many years prevailed over the northern and eastern part of the country.

The damage by the storm will aggregate several millions of dollars along the entire New England coast, not to mention the loss inland. Sea-faring men declare that not in the last half century has there been a gale so severe to shipping interests as this.


On Wednesday, the 19th about 1 o'clock p.m., there appeared over the waters of the sound, a wonderful phenomenon, such as only occurs but once in a life time, indeed, one may cross the ocean many times and not witness anything to compare with this. We refer to three water spouts, the second and grandest of which, we shall try to describe.


A TERRIFIC STORM - Sweeps over the Vineyard Wednesday morning - Wind and rain unlimited - Chimneys, trees and fences laid low - No serious damage to shipping in this vicinity - The hardest storm known for 50 years up-island - Dams and Bridges swept away, and the elements playing havoc all through the west end.


The inclement, sultry weather of Sunday and Monday terminated Monday night in one of the severest gales ever known in this vicinity at this season of the year, accompanied by the highest tide in the memory of our residents, for many years. The gale, which was rotary, blew heavily from the southeast during the first part of the night, then moderated to nearly a calm, next springing up from the northwest with terrific violence, after which it veered to the west and toned down to a strong breeze.