As debate heats up over a proposed law to limit patient/nurse ratios in Massachusetts, leaders at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Island nurses have joined the fray.


Public attention is continually drawn to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, the only public institution of its kind in the county. A comparatively new institution, and occupying a building that is very new indeed, there is every excuse for the turning of the public eye in that direction and for the whole-hearted support of the institution be every Island resident, either permanent or temporary.


The afternoon of Thursday, June 9, will be pleasantly remembered by the friends of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital who visited and inspected it on that occasion. The committee had the latchstring out and about three hundred visitors were met at the door of the offices and committees whose members have worked hard and inspired others to work. Many brought donations of tea, coffee, sugar, flour, cereals, potatoes and other food supplies, which were placed on and about a long table on the side piazza.