Noah Asimow
The towns of Edgartown and Tisbury were born as part of New York Colony, fraternal twins that on Thursday this week celebrated their sesquarcentennial anniversaries.


A $33.5 million operating budget and renovation of Memorial Wharf are among the items coming before Edgartown voters.

In early February, library lovers will be invited to carry the first of nearly 50,000 books and other items to the new Edgartown library building.


Edgartown voters readily approved nearly all articles, including a $32 million town operating budget at their annual town meeting. But they stopped short of spending $2.1 million to buy the Main street Mini-Park from the Hall family.

When Edgartown voters gather next week for their annual town meeting, preserving town history will be among the items on the agenda.

At their annual town meeting Edgartown voters will take up an operating budget that includes a salary for a full-time fire chief.


On a hazy, warm Monday morning in June, the Edgartown harbor master pulls into his parking spot adjacent to his office on Morse street in Edgartown. Charlie Blair has barely parked his battered blue Suburban before he jumps out and asks: “What kind of shape are we in?”