Noah Asimow
The towns of Edgartown and Tisbury were born as part of New York Colony, fraternal twins that on Thursday this week celebrated their sesquarcentennial anniversaries.


At night the side streets of Edgartown go dark and quiet. But just a few blocks away on Main street, the beat of late night dining and dancing has reinvigorated the town.

The Edgartown planning board unanimously approved a temporary mobile telephone tower on Chappaquiddick, clearing the way for greatly expanded coverage for AT&T cell phones beginning this summer.

In December Tim Sauer, an Islander who likes to go out metal detecting, found a 1652 pine tree shilling, the oldest coin known to have been found on Martha’s Vineyard.

Thursday’s town elections brought low turnout and few surprises, with voters in West Tisbury, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown easily approving spending requests.

Much has changed in Edgartown in the past 50 years, but one thing has not: at every town meeting and election, a Searle was on hand, wearing a constable’s badge.

Edgartown voters gave a green light to expanding the town historic district and spending for a wide range of town items — but stopped short of approving the town’s portion of $2.5 million to rebuild the refuse district transfer station.