Noah Asimow
The towns of Edgartown and Tisbury were born as part of New York Colony, fraternal twins that on Thursday this week celebrated their sesquarcentennial anniversaries.


Mr. Editor: As you have kindly consented to publish any communication from those interested in the public good and well-being of the community, I think a short review of the past, as well as our hope for the future, may be profitable.


I have returned, myself and one or two more of us, as well as a number of others who are not “of us.” The first thing of course, on arriving, was to secure a good room, and I rather plume myself on having gotten one of the best in the hotel, of which, by the way, I will attempt a brief description. The building is situated on the bluff at the head of the landing, and is about 125 feet front in the whole.


This commodious hotel is now open to the public. The proprietor, Mr. Joseph Kelley, is a gentleman every way worthy of the confidence of visitors, and one who will spare no pains to make his patrons comfortable, and so well pleased as to desire to prolong their stay. We trust the “Vineyard” may be prospered under this new administration.


Last season Osborn’s wharf, at the foot of Main street, which had for some time been much out of repair, was rebuilt in a very substantial manner. This summer the wharf belonging to Messrs. Daniel Fisher & Co., and directly below their extensive Oil and Candle Factory, has been entirely re-built in a superior style. The piles upon which the wharf stands are pine, the bark perfectly whole and secured by copper nails, which will keep the worms from the wood for a great length of time.*