Noah Asimow
The towns of Edgartown and Tisbury were born as part of New York Colony, fraternal twins that on Thursday this week celebrated their sesquarcentennial anniversaries.


Edgartown resident Bruce Nevin has been researching the Achumawi language for decades in hopes of helping to preserve the embattled indigenous language.


I am hoping that the storm we had this past weekend was the last of the snow.

We are still on the roller coaster. The ice has been the challenge.


Laurence A. Mercier, a former longtime Edgartown businessman and town official who was widely respected for his civic-minded nature, died at home on Sunday. He was 81. A son of Edgartown, he had worn many hats through the years.

A New York woman has been arrested on a slate of charges connected to an apparent dine-and-dash spree in Edgartown over the past two weeks.

Peter Wells, owner of the Chappaquiddick Ferry, admitted last week that he’s looked into the inclusion of amphibious vehicles to service the ferry in case of emergencies, as rising seas threaten vital infrastructure in the town of Edgartown.