Restoration work has been under way this fall atop the East Chop Lighthouse, the familiar beacon perched on Telegraph Hill that has guided mariners since 1878.

Oak Bluffs selectmen agreed this week to allow the U.S. Coast Guard to continue with lead testing on town property adjacent to the East Chop Light.


Repairs are under way this fall at the East Chop Lighthouse, the historic cast-iron tower that sits on Telegraph Hill, its beacon flashing green-green-green to guide mariners on their way around the chop.


lighthouse repair

Two of the Island’s century-old lighthouses are undergoing significant restoration.

The East Chop Lighthouse in Oak Bluffs now shines with a fresh coat of white paint after having been refurbished inside and out at a cost of $140,000. The Edgartown Light is only weeks away from being completed at a cost of $250,000.

The restoration is a milestone and benefit for both Island towns, according to Matthew Stackpole, executive director of Martha’s Vineyard Museum.


Lighthouses define the character of Martha’s Vineyard. They guide people from land and sea to the same shorelines, sheltering them under beacons of home.
Today, the Island’s lighthouses are deteriorating. Bricks are crumbling in the breeze, and iron is flaking away in the salt air. Before long, these landmarks could be reduced to brittle, rotting shells.