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Peter Brannen
Summer shoppers seeking shade may be able to do so this summer while powering up. Vineyard Power hopes to install a 12,200 square foot array of solar panels over the Vineyard Haven Cronig’s parking lot. The array, which will supply a quarter of the store’s energy needs, is made up of three “solar canopies,” which will also feature six electric car charging stations.
Cronigs Market
Solar panels
Vineyard Power
Cronigs Market Celebrates 100 Years
Mollie Doyle
On any given day the owner of Cronig’s Markets can be found sweeping the parking lot of his stores, pulling bull briar and poison ivy at Thimble Farm or expanding his myriad evolving business interests. Steve Bernier says at heart he is just an old-fashioned entrepreneur.
Cronigs Market
Cronigs Market Celebrates 100 Years
Alex Elvin
Cronig’s Market has launched a new program to provide families in need with fresh produce and other items not commonly available in food pantries.
Cronigs Market
Cronigs Market Celebrates 100 Years
Louisa Hufstader
When Sam Cronig and his three brothers opened their Vineyard Haven market in March 1917, the world was still at war in Europe.
Cronigs Market Celebrates 100 Years
Cronigs Market
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As our community grows, so grows the grocery store business up-Island. The new Up-Island Cronig’s Market opened for business last Friday with no fanfare. The new 7,500 square foot steel and wood structure, not far from the site of the original building, wel­comed its first customers.


Less than two months after Indian Hill Market came up for sale, Stephen Bernier has signed a purchase and sales agreement with owners Howard and Susan Ulfelder.
Mr. Bernier is the owner of Cronig’s State Road Market in Tisbury. Papers for Indian Hill will pass March 31, he says.
“We’re not going to turn it into a gourmet food store,” says Mr. Bernier. “Its going to be an Up-Island Cronig’s.” Mr. Bernier is planning to keep it open seven days a week, as his predecessors have.


Cronig’s Main Street Market, the 72-year-old grocery business in Vineyard Haven, will close its doors for the final time on Thursday, Oct. 26.
Despite the public outcry supporting the traditional market, the Cronig family will convert the building into three smaller retail shops before the 1990 summer season.
An agreement was signed Saturday between Carlyle Cronig, whose family owns the land and building, and John F. and John L. Schilling, the father and son who have owned and managed the business for the past six years.


A Vineyard business tradition of nearly 10 years and a family tradition reaching back to Eastern Europe and the last century will end in January with the sale of Cronig’s State Road Market to an off-Island resident.


The Cronig brothers are expanding again. Robert and David Cronig, who inherited their father’s grocery business in Vineyard Haven’s center in 1956, have enlarged their Main street market twice. And now they are building an even larger market outside of town on State Road.


David and Robert Cronig

Cronig Brothers Market, Vineyard Haven, entering upon its thrity-ninth year, now becomes Cronig Brothers, Inc., with the active management passing officially into the hands of the second generation, namely two of the sons of the senior partner, S. David and Robert Cronig, who have worked with and for their father, Samuel, for years.