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The State, acting through the fish and game commission, has under consideration the purchase of the 600-acre farm of Antone Andrews, located on the Martha’s Vineyard plain, near Little Pond some th
Heath hen
Manuel F Correllus State Forest
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With the latest acquisition of land by the state, the order of tak­ing of which by the Department of Conservation was published in last week’s paper, the forest reserve on Martha’s Vineyard compr
Manuel F Correllus State Forest
Forest fires
Mark Alan Lovewell
The osprey, once a seriously threatened Vineyard bird, has made a significant recovery. The osprey population on the Vineyard has doubled and doubled again in recent years.


The early framers were the Thomas Jeffersons of the Vineyard - visionaries and idealists ahead of their time. They looked down the road, saw trouble and took action, with an eye toward a regional solution.

The result was the Martha's Vineyard Commission, a regulatory commission considered unique in American government, both then and now.

For Conservation Commission, a Tangled Issue in Pond Docks


The West Tisbury conservation commission must now act as judge and
jury for a key town leader - sorting through selectman Jeffrey
(Skipper) Manter's request to permit four docks in Tisbury Great
Pond that he has been using for years.

The verdict must come down within three weeks, and the conservation
commission - a board appointed by selectmen - isn't
quite sure how to sort through the mess.

Here's what they know:

Amid conciliatory expressions and with the developer's representative waving a white hat in the air, the Martha's Vineyard Commission voted without dissent last night to approve a plan that is expected to close the final chapter in a bitter four-year battle over the development of the southern woodlands in Oak Bluffs.

"This has been a really trying time for the commission and for all those in the community that have been on both sides of the issue. I hope this is now time to put it behind us and heal the wounds," declared commission member Andrew Woodruff.


Felix Neck Land Purchase Protects Eastern Flank of Nature Sanctuary


The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank, the Felix Neck Wildlife Trust
and the Massachusetts Audubon Society closed on a land purchase last
week that will protect the last key piece of undeveloped land at Felix


Felix Neck, Land Bank and Audubon Buy Moffet Land to Preserve
Sanctuary Borders

Gazette Senior Writer

In a three-way partnership that will protect the last key piece of
undeveloped land at one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries on the
Vineyard, the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank, the Massachusetts
Audubon Society and the Felix Neck Wildlife Trust announced yesterday
that they will buy 34 acres from Lucia Moffet for $2.55 million.


With the American lobster in short supply in Vineyard
waters, the state and federal governments are in the early
stages of considering new minimum sizes and catch limits.
Hearings are planned for later this summer.