Vineyard Gazette
A golf club has been formed in town and named the Nashouohkamuk Golf Club, Nashouohkamuk being the old Indian name for Chilmark.
Chilmark History


The board of Harbor and Land Commissioners seems to have come to a satisfactory understanding on the question of the boundary line between Gay Head and Chilmark. There flows from Menemsha pond a small channel to Vineyard Sound, which shifts from time to time.


MR. EDITOR: - I have for some years past been a close observer of the facilities of the western part of our Island, for manufacturing brick and pottery, in their various branches. I am fully satisfied that the manufacture of clays, in various ways, can be carried on in that place, at a far greater profit, than else­where. The truth is, that in this section of our island, are found nearly all the varieties of the clays, and are of as good a quality, most of it, much superior to any that can be found within the limits of our state.


A Black-fish of the whale species, was found run ashore in the Menemsha Creek at Chilmark, on Sunday last, at a depth of about three feet of water. He was nineteen feet long and is expected to yield about three barrels of oil.