Maeve Reston
The Wasque Reservation sandplain curves downward to the dunes disappearing into the indigo waves of Katama Bay off Chappaquiddick. The white-crested breakers recede into fog above the ocean.
Cape Pogue


One of my duties in the Chappy fire department years ago was to speak at the Chappaquiddick Island Association meetings about the need to cut back the vegetation along driveways so that the firefighters could get to a house fire without knocking equipment off the sides of the trucks.

Recalling other structures on Chappy that have disappeared, I remembered the windmill at Walter Wood's house next to the Chappy Beach Club.

This is part two of the accounting of Chappy houses that have vanished.

If climate change put Martha’s Vineyard under a magnifying glass, tiny Chappaquiddick is under a microscope. Work has begun on an emergency response plan.


On the Vineyard, the winter colors are a mix of muted browns, blues and grays.


The old Memorial Wharf flagpole has a new home — and on a whole different island.