A pair of new grants totaling more than $228,000 will support educational and job training at Adult and Continuing Education of Martha's Vineyard.
Wind power


The Dukes County commission agreed this week to consider buying electricity from a startup wind energy company.

The commission voted Wednesday to approve a memorandum of understanding with Plymouth-based energy company Future Generation Wind LLC.


The Martha’s Vineyard Commission last week approved a wind energy plan that will regulate wind turbine development on Island land and waters.

The commission will use the plan as guidance when reviewing turbines. The commission plans to review the plan again in five years, though members emphasized that the plan could be changed at any time.

On Thursday, Oct. 4 at 7:15 p.m., the Martha’s Vineyard Commission is holding a public hearing on the draft for the Wind Energy Plan for Dukes County. This plan was widely distributed last year and can be downloaded from the commission website, mvcommission.org (search for Wind Energy Plan September 2012).


A proposed Wind Energy Plan for Dukes County was released for public comment yesterday by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

The document includes two fundamental options regarding possible offshore wind energy development. One would allow development in certain areas defined by the analysis; the other would hold off on short-term development within the waters of Dukes County.

wind farm

Ometepe is as unlikely a place as you could ever imagine to catch a glimpse of the future. Although unique in the world, an island composed of two volcanoes in the midst of Nicaragua’s freshwater Lake Cocibolca, it is mostly a quiet backwater, both off the grid and the beaten path as well.

Wind generation is irrelevant to energy independence: Making electricity doesn’t give us oil, asphalt, plastics or tires; only 1.1 per cent of America’s electricity is generated by petroleum. As for fossil fuel savings, adding wind into the electricity mix tends to increase fuel usage and CO2 emissions due to the inefficiencies introduced into the system.