Molly Martone
A big welcome to West Tisbury columnist Molly Martone, who begins this week. She takes over for John Alley, the longtime town columnist who died in April 2020.
West Tisbury Town Column


The other day in Edgartown I happened upon a school crossing, shortly before three o'clock.
Well, it's here. Summer.
Here's hoping that by the time you read this, these infernal winds will have blown their way out of here.
I believe I might be the only person in town who missed The Wizard of Oz last weekend.
We were away all week wreaking havoc on the mainland, so I missed a couple of important items that were scheduled for last week's column.
Town meeting was still going strong when a swell of semantics, not to mention this column's long-passed deadline, finally washed me out at around 9 p.m.