Vineyard Gazette
Wednesday of last week was a great day for the Vineyard.
Agricultural Fair
West Tisbury History


The presentation of valuable old Vineyard documents and books to the West Tisbury Public Library by Dr. Charles E. Banks, author of Banks’ History of Martha’s Vineyard, was a notable event and there was a large attendance of townspeople, evidence of the appreciation of the generous gift. The donation is further proof of Dr. Banks’ unceasing interest in the Island and its people.


Miss Helena L. Athearn of Oak Bluffs is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Athearn.
West Tisbury people seem to be making changes this spring. Mr. Fred B. Athearn who has been employed as clerk in the store of G. G. Gifford has left for other employment. Mr. Walter I. Jenny has finished clerking the store of S. M. Mayhew & Co. Mr. Charles Turner of Bryantville and Mr. Benjamin Woodeman from Cambridge, have bought out the business of S. M. Mayhew and Co., and will carry on the same at the old site under the name of S. M. Mayhew & Co.


By the heart of West Tisbury I do not mean the geographical center of the little town, but the starting-point or points of its social, intellectual, educational, moral and spiritual forces. If you start from the beautiful residence of Squire and Mrs. Everett Allen Davis on the state macadamized road, which is the Main Street of the town, past the Parsonage and the delightful old Whiting manse, past “Brandy-brow” and S. M. Mayhew & Co.’s store, the graceful old church with its steeple and town clock will confront you.


Our rural village of West Tisbury has added another improvement and pleasing feature to its attractions in the fixture of a handsome clock in the steeple of the Congregational church. The four dials of the clock face nearly to the cardinal points of the compass and give a happy architectural effect to the little spire. A new bell has also been a part of the improvement in place of the former smaller one, procured nearly thirty years ago, which had not sufficient strength to correspond with the machinery of the clock in striking the hours.


Fireworks, Music, Collation, Speeches, &c, &c.


After several unsuccessful attempts the town of Tisbury is divided. As announced in last week's Gazette the bill to incorporate the third reading in the Senate on Tuesday, 26th ult., and the next morning, on motion of Senator Butler, the rules were suspended and the bill engrossed and sent to the House for concurrence, which was done, the Governor signing the bill Thursday, 28th.


The Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society have purchased some three acres of land in West Tisbury, of Mrs. Hannah Look, and the Society will shortly erect a building thereon.