The public health benefits of adding fluoride to the town water supply were explained and debated at a forum in Edgartown Thursday night attended by dentists, medical professionals, elected officials and town residents.


The decision about whether to add fluoride to Edgartown’s public water supply will now go before voters, following a successful petition effort by residents.

Emotions ran high in Edgartown this week over a recent board of health decision to move forward with a plan to add fluoride to town water.

The Edgartown board of health’s decision to pursue adding fluoride to the town water supply has sparked outrage among some town residents and officials..


The decision about whether to continue to add fluoride to the Oak Bluffs water supply will be put to town voters this spring. The board of health voted unanimously to poll residents in a nonbinding question on the spring town election ballot.

The question of whether Oak Bluffs should continue to fluoridate its water supply drew strong opinions on both sides of the issue at a public hearing before the board of health last Thursday.