Starting Monday, the Vineyard Transit Authority is piloting a new microtransit service for up-Island passengers, available seven days a week.
Vineyard Transit Authority
Noah Asimow
Edgartown selectmen advanced transportation projects both by land and by sea on Monday, including a new down-Island water taxi service.
Vineyard Transit Authority


Nearly one month after the Rockland Trust robbery, police have arrested three suspects. It's possible none of them would be in custody without the timely passing of a VTA bus on the morning of Nov. 17.
Plans to install two inductive electric bus chargers on Music street in West Tisbury hit a snag last week, after the town select board pushed back on a proposed location change.
Starting Nov. 25, the Vineyard Transit Authority, through a statewide initiative, will be offering fare free service for the rest of the year.

Riding the bus on Martha’s Vineyard will be free of charge from Nov. 25 through Dec. 31, according to an announcement Friday from the Vineyard Transportation Authority.

Fall cutbacks have come early for the Vineyard Transit Authority, which on Monday announced immediate schedule reductions on nine of its 14 routes due to a driver shortage.
Most seasons the Vineyard Transit Authority has seven buses driving route 13.