The 30th anniversary of the Island's a cappella group Vineyard Sound will be celebrated on Saturday with an alumni concert at the Tabernacle.


Head-to-toe in pastels with fingers at the ready for snapping and pitch perfectly in tune, the Island’s premier 10-man summer a capella group is a force.

The Vineyard Sound is back. The all-male a cappella group begins their summer season on Monday, June 12.


For 22 years now, the Vineyard Sound has taken their singing talent to venues and street corners all over the Island, singing tirelessly throughout the season.


Vineyard Sound celebrates the end of summer with a two-hour concert at the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown on Saturday, August 24, at 8 p.m.


vineyard sound

In the summer of 1992, a few friends from Connecticut College, Wesleyan University and Skidmore College who knew each other from high school had the idea to spend the summer on the Vineyard doing what they liked best: singing.

Jody Alford and friends each gathered a couple of members from their respective collegiate a cappella groups and headed to the Island, forming a group they called the Vineyard Sound.