Vineyard Montessori and Falmouth Academy both confirmed a large, unprecedented number of applications this year, including from out-of-state residents planning to relocate.
After eight weeks of preparation, Island middle school students headed to the YMCA to perform trial runs of the underwater robots they had built themselves.


The Vineyard Montessori School will hold its sixth annual Truckin’ MV touch-a-truck fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 20.

Vineyard Montessori will begin offering a year-round program for children aged almost-three to six, the school announced.

Vineyard Montessori School is offering Rising Star Scholarships for students entering seventh grade.
Vineyard Montessori, long a presence on the Island as a preschool, has expanded in recent years into the lower grades. Now the school is ready to expand again, and next year will offer classes through eighth grade.