The Vineyard Health Care Access Program will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a community gathering on Thursday, Oct. 24.


Sailing through the stormy seas of the health care system requires a navigator. Sarah Kuh and the staff at Vineyard Health Care Access steer Islanders through the murky waters of eligibility and hopefully onto successful enrollment in whichever health care plan is best suited to each individual.

Many policies are changing over effective March 31, including Network Health, popular among Islanders with low and moderate incomes. Health care providers confirm the confusion.


Many thanks go out to Sarah Kuh and the Martha’s Vineyard Health Care Access program for being such sound and steady support in our Island community. Your 18 or so years of service to the residents of Martha’s Vineyard becomes more valuable to us all each year, and it is good to see your leadership in health care recognized.

National health care reform rolled out Oct. 1, leaving some confused about if and how things will change, and others lost in the details of premiums and health insurance exchanges.

On the Vineyard, the staff at Vineyard Health Care Access is at the front lines, fielding calls from residents, receiving training on the new law, and answering questions about how things will change.


Ed Montesion Gerry Yukevich

Islanders seem to voice the complaint nearly as often as they grumble about summer traffic backups at the blinker light and spiking prices at the gas pump:

You can’t find a primary care doctor on the Island.