Despite the protest of Grand Army Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Wilfred A. Wetherbee against the placing of a Confederate veteran’s name on the Soldiers’ Monument at Oak Bluffs, representatives of the surviving member of the Henry Clay Wade Post, and the Woman’s Relief Corps, declare that the plan shall be carried out, and regard the commander’s objection as ridiculous and shameful.
Last Saturday at Edgartown marked the beginning of a new paragraph in a chapter of Vineyard history which was begun 30 years ago. At the close of the public exercises, patriotic orders including the G. A. R., W. R. C. and the American Legion met in the town hall for refreshments and friendly discussion.


As we go to press the exercises attending the dedication of the Soldiers’ Memorial at Cottage City are in full progress. The fine weather, accompanied by a cool breeze from the northward, together with the noble aim of the events of the day, has brought together the largest body of people Cottage City has seen for years.
At 1 o’clock the several posts assembled at Grand Army Hall, Lake avenue. The line formed for parade on Siloam and Kedron avenues, right resting on Lake avenue, in the following order: