For more than 20 years, Father Nagle has retained a position as the aeronautical gatekeeper to the Trade Wind airfield, one of two grass airfields on the Vineyard.


The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission voted unanimously Monday not to delay construction of a protective fence at Trade Wind Fields Preserve.

The Oak Bluffs land bank advisory board has asked land bank commissioners to delay construction of a controversial fence at the Trade Wind Field Preserve.

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank's plan to fence off a large sandplain grassland field at the Trade Wind Fields Preserve in Oak Bluffs has caused devoted users to gather in opposition.

The scene at Trade Wind Fields Preserve is like most dog parks, but the Oak Bluffs spot is actually an air field and protected land bank property.


With all the worries plaguing aviators these days, the thing
that's got Trade Winds airport manager Joe Costa all worked up is
dog droppings - on the runway and taxi lane.