After more than 37 years with the town of Tisbury, accountant Suzanne Kennedy stepped down from her job last week.


A special winter town meeting to consider using modular buildings for Tisbury town offices has been called off as town officials weigh plans for a new, $15 million town hall building. 

Officials in Tisbury are stepping up the hunt for new office space, as building conditions at both town hall and the town hall annex have deteriorated to the point where worker safety may be at risk. 

Judi Barrett, of Barrett Planning Group in Hingham, last week recommended adding a new town hall department for planning and sustainability and changing municipal leadership from a town administrator to a town manager.

After serving as an overflow office for the Tisbury finance department, the Katharine Cornell Theatre is a theatre once more.

With the $81 million Tisbury School project well under way, town leaders now are looking at their next building challenge: an up to date, consolidated location for municipal offices.