Tisbury residents, town staff, business owners and workers are urged to join the town’s master plan steering committee for an online meeting Oct. 11.
Tisbury has so far operated without a master plan, a document intended to guide town boards by outlining a clear vision for development, but that's about to change.
The Tisbury master plan steering committee and consultant team are holding open meetings Wednesday, with seasonal residents in mind.
The complex task of writing a master plan — a comprehensive planning document to guide the town through development, land use and other far-reaching decisions — is under way in Tisbury.


A pedestrian walkway that stretches along the perimeter of the harbor. Traffic patterns aimed at easing congestion in the Island's most notorious intersection. Improved public transportation routes that will offer passengers more alternatives. A town hall nestled in the heart of the village.


The parking in Tisbury is terrible, but traffic is worse. The police, fire and emergency services are first rate. The town should invest in lots for affordable housing and could begin by developing the southwest wedge off Holmes Hole Road. And although Tisbury harbor generates needed revenue, it is above all a vital resource that must be kept environmentally healthy.