Vineyard Haven is number six on a list of the top arts-vibrant small communities in the United States—but the honor belongs to the Island as a whole.
On Friday, the day after Bob Dutton died, friends and family celebrated him with a virtual live reading of his three-act play, The Ivory Door.


Look What a Wonder returned to the Vineyard for a one-night show on Monday at the Performing Arts Center. It first played here in 2001.
Imagining Madoff is being presented by the New Light Theater Project in New York. Vineyard Jenny Allen stars as a fictional secretary to Bernard Madoff.
Vineyard audiences have two more chances to take part in a daring, international theatre experiment that changes with every performance.


From outside, it looked like they were coming for a dinner party — a small group of people arriving in the early evening, hands in pockets as they stepped onto the narrow porch of an Oak Bluffs cottage.