Each family has its own Vineyard specialty, a beloved summer-after-summer tradition that everyone cherishes and remembers during those empty winter days in February. Sometimes it is the patriarch’s birthday party. Sometimes it is the matriarch’s birthday party, especially if the house belonged to her family.  Sometimes it is a Fourth of July or a Labor Day event when far-flung family members assemble to celebrate.  One of our friends, who is not French, gives a lavish annual dinner party with many guests in honor of Bastille Day.


inside the barrel

It was a time before Rip Curl or Billabong, a time before Gidget, before Frankie > (Avalon) and Annette (Funicello) or Beach Blanket Bingo. In the early 1960s, surfing was still considered a cult sport, limited to beach bums in Southern California and Hawaii.


surfer wipes out


Tropical storm Hanna kicked up seas, brought wind and rain, but had a lot less punch than anticipated. Harbor masters and shipyard owners were relieved following several days of preparations. By the time the storm arrived Saturday, the forecasted heavy rains and high winds were somewhere else.


Surfing Accident Leaves Visitor with Serious Injury


A 51-year-old vacationer faces possible paralysis after being thrashed against the South Beach shoreline by fierce waves Tuesday afternoon.

George Medford of Ballston, N.Y., who had been bodysurfing close to the South Beach shoreline with his son, snapped several vertebrae in his neck when he struck his chin against the sand, officials said.