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Peter Brannen
Summer shoppers seeking shade may be able to do so this summer while powering up. Vineyard Power hopes to install a 12,200 square foot array of solar panels over the Vineyard Haven Cronig’s parking lot. The array, which will supply a quarter of the store’s energy needs, is made up of three “solar canopies,” which will also feature six electric car charging stations.
Cronigs Market
Solar panels
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Cronigs Market Celebrates 100 Years


The Vineyard Sustainable Energy Committee has reported 1,127 solar arrays currently installed on-Island, up 18 per cent from the beginning of 2020, but expensive grid upgrades stand to cast a shadow over the industry’s progress.


The roof of the Oak Bluffs fire station debuted a new look Sunday morning following the recent installation of solar panels by CVEC.


Edgartown selectmen have come to an agreement with a regional energy collective after an earlier impasse about how the town would contribute to the organization.

Following heated discussion, Edgartown selectmen sent the Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative back to the drawing board over a $100,000 budget shortfall.


At a turbulent public hearing before the Martha’s Vineyard Commission last week, a plan by the Oak Bluffs water district to clear forest for the town’s first municipal solar array came under fire.

A plan by the Oak Bluffs water district to build a solar array off Barnes Road has been downsized, but continues to draw heat from ecologists who oppose removing a large swath of old-growth forest.