It’s not the Indy 500, but the annual solar car race at Edgartown School may be the closest thing the Vineyard has.


Some 200 fifth and sixth graders from around the Island spent Thursday afternoon racing cars behind the Edgartown School. The cars were small, sleek and solar, built by the students themselves.


Mother Nature was a spoil sport on Saturday morning, shining no sun on the solar car races at the Boys & Girls Club. The event involves fifth and sixth graders from around the Island, testing their knowledge of gear ratios, UV rays, and, when it's too cloudy, how to quickly add a battery pack.


Molly John
West Tisbury student Molly Houghton knelt on the floor of the gymnasium of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club in Edgartown, head tilted to the side and nose less than an inch from the tiny solar-powered car in front of her.