Snowy owls need no introduction. They are one of the few birds that can entice a non-birder to go birding.


It was a hardy and eager bunch who showed up Saturday morning armed with scarves, mittens, boots and binoculars ready to prowl for snowy owls at Norton Point.


Snowy owls are still hanging around and among the most reliable places to spot them are Norton Point Beach, Quansoo, the West Basin, and lately, East Chop and Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs.
Snowy owls have been spotted in unusually large numbers throughout the Eastern Seaboard this year, including on the Vineyard. Beaches and open habitat resemble their native Arctic tundra.


David Smith and his father Steve Smith, who was visiting from Cape Elizabeth, Me., emailed a note which stated that they had seen and photographed a snowy owl next to the Aquinnah Shop in Gay Head on Nov. 21! That beats the Nov. 29 record and adds to the question: Just how many snowy owls are there on Martha’s Vineyard and Chappaquiddick? Actually, I guess I should ask how many snowy owls there are in Dukes County?

There have been three very interesting sightings this past week. One is of snowy owls that were seen and photographed in two locations.