There’s a reason that at this time of year many of us experience a breakdown of sorts. It can be anything from a momentary cri de coeur to a lingering sadness to a snap decision to, well, do something other than be here. The thing is, we long-timers occasionally feel stranded on the Island and we ask ourselves if it’s absolutely necessary to stay. Why, sure, this place is gorgeous, unspoiled, scenic and architecturally handsome every way you turn, but we wonder, as we’ve done in the distant past with some of our worst romantic choices: Are looks everything?
It’s a staple of local conventional wisdom that one of the reasons famous people love our Island is that we encounter them with a nonchalance that puts one in mind of an English butler escorting a carpet-installer to the rear wing.

Who doesn’t love families?

Or Mom or apple pie, for that matter?

It all started when I ran into Inner Vision Ocean Swimming instructor and visionary Bob MacLean, in Reliable Market. Bob’s got just about the best guru-ship going because he focuses all his energy on getting folks to jump in the water and splash around. He also teaches about the breath and endurance and how to improve your stroke, and a bunch of philosophical stuff — but the jump and splash is the basic protocol.

A daily jump and splash will save you from all your demons, and more people saved from their demons will save the world.