The Vineyard Gazette this week welcomed a new piece of technology into its decades-old printing operation with the addition of a new computer-to-plate unit.


There’s little to record in the history of the printer’s art between the invention of movable type in the early 1400s by Johannes Gutenberg and the first publication of the Vineyard Gazette some four hundred years later. In fact, if Joe Gutenberg could have been brought back to stand in front of the old Adams press still on display in the Gazette’s downstairs museum area, he certainly could have printed the first papers himself.


This morning’s Gazette is the first printed on our new Goss Community offset press. It’s also the first to be printed on the Island in the familiar South Summer street shop since January 31, when we abandoned the hot metal-letterpress printing process in use at the Gazette for half a century. Since then the paper has been printed for us by commercial printers in Arlington.

James and Sally Fulton Reston, publishers of the Gazette, have announced plans to replace the paper’s traditional hot metal letterpress printing machinery with modern photocomposition equipment and a web offset press. Next Friday’s Gazette will be typeset and printed by the new method.


A new printing press is being installed in a new Gazette office. In a few weeks the Gazette will change its headquarters from the old office at the corner of Main and Water streets to the building on Summer Street, owned by Mrs. Horace Vincent and formerly occupied as a Jewelry Store.