Spring unofficially arrived on Martha’s Vineyard Monday with a soft blanket of fog in some places and reports of pinkletinks pouring into the Gazette.


As the temperature approaches 50 degrees Pinkletinks begin to stir, unfold their legs and, if they are male, let out a call.


Though it is fall, it is a good time for wetland lovers to spring into action to protect vernal pools.


Pinkletinks are spring peepers, those little frogs with big voices that herald the arrival of spring on our little Island.


Gray treefrogs are not a common animal on Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, there has been some dialogue about their existence on the Island at all.


There’s still a week left of winter, but the seasonal harbingers already have signaled spring’s arrival. On Sunday, Alex Goethals reported the first pinkletinks of the year sounding their call at Lambert's Cove.

Mr. Goethal’s report was seconded by Nancy-Alyce Abbot, who said the hardy spring peepers were singing a symphony near her Lambert’s Cove home on Monday. Beldan and Dave Radcliffe also reported pinkletinks at Pilot Hill Farm in Vineyard Haven on Tuesday.