There were perfect waves the day the planes hit the buildings.


The sign outside State Road Restaurant last Wednesday night said Go Bruins. The parking lot was overflowing and yet upon entering there was no hockey to be found. Instead, there was a crowd of people talking about writing and literature.


Paul Schneider of West Tisbury has been named the new editor of the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, publisher Jane Seagrave announced this week.

Fact and fiction sat across from each other over coffee one morning this week. They also happened to be brother and sister.

“I write history and was jealous of the freedom that you had,” Paul Schneider said to his sister, Bethany (Bee) Ridgway.

“With fiction, you can do whatever you want,” she agreed. “As an academic, I’m so pencil-licky about things. I just busted free.


Author Paul Schneider will discuss his approach to developing the narrative voice in nonfiction and his research for his upcoming book on the Mississippi River. This event is part of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum Speakers Series and will take place on Jan. 30, at 3 p.m., in the museum’s library at 59 School street in Edgartown.


For the first few pages of Paul Schneider’s Bonnie and Clyde, The Lives Behind The Legend, we see tall, willowy, sultry Faye Dunaway as the infamous gangster moll, Bonnie Parker, and we picture tall, broad-shouldered Warren Beatty as her outlaw boyfriend, Clyde Barrow. It doesn’t take long for the author to get the real people back in focus: Bonnie is petite (under five feet tall), more adorable than sultry, and Clyde also is short but a head taller than his energetic pip-squeak girlfriend.